Education and Work

I studied Psychology with Communications at Mc Gill University in Montreal, Canada and trained as a Medical Doctor at the Vienna University in Austria . Before graduating, I worked in Uganda and Madagascar to support financing health projects during the mass HIV Epidemic and Measles Outbreak affecting 60000 people in 1988. Due to my husband’s relocation, we moved with two children to Germany where I continued my medical work after my maternity leaves in internal medecine, ENT and dermatology towards a specialisation in Family Medicine in 1994. I moved to Bolivia and  worked as a NGO Doctor leading charity health projects promoting general medecine, skin, nutritional and dental health in schools in and around  La Paz in Bolivia. I had a private GP Practice for the expatriate community.

In 2001, I arrived in the UK and joined the National Health System.  I worked for the NHS Primary Care for 15 years.

Philosophy and the holistic perspective

As a consequence of my clinical and private experience, a strong humanism drives my approach in medecine. In 1998, to improve my skills, I learnt Musculoskeletal Medecine and Acupuncture in Vienna. I took a course more in herbal medecine for one year at the Adult College in Richmond and a Nutrition Course for GP’s in 2003 with Dr Paul Clayton.

I foll0wed with Mindfulness which I practice, Nutrition and Functional Medicine. This has given me much insight and skills into an integrated medicine approach for patients who are interested in alternatives.

I have strong values for delivering the best possible support and service to patients with different problems ranging from digestive issues, skin problems,  gynaecological issues, chronic disease, weight management to mental health stabilisation. I usually refer to specialists when appropriate.

I see a person in their entity,  respect their dignity and hope to be of service in their journey to Health.

I speak English, French, German, Spanish fluently and get by in understanding Italian and Portuguese.