Testimonials from patients

“Dr. Bernard was thorough and reassuring during my consultation, explaining why she was doing the diagnostic work, what the steps would be and what I could do daily, in-between having some further tests carried out and while waiting for the results. When I received my test results Dr.Bernard who took me reassuringly through what the results actually meant and other issues I should be aware of in managing my health. Overall a very dedicated Doctor with a clear attention to the details and care for her patients.”

“Dr. Bernard has been working in this Surgery for the past 3 years. I found Dr. Bernard one of thebest doctors here. She is very polite, understanding and has a great knowledge of what shedoing. She is well experienced, careful and clearly you can see she takes her job as a GP very seriously.She treated me many times and also 3 of my daughters who loved her very much for her gentle and friendly approach. I have to admit Dr. Carin Bernard is one of the best doctor I have ever met for the past 15 years living in the UK.”

“I have always received excellent treatment from this Doctor, she assessed my conditions fully and I have been very relaxed and comfortable about discussing my physical and mental health issues with this doctor. Over the past 18 months I have gone through a very difficult time both mentally and physically but my health and wellbeing has greatly improved, which I believe is due to the careful care of this doctor. My hope is that she remains at my surgery for a long time. ”

“Have confidence in this doctor, she is knowledgeable and also kind and caring”

“It was the first time I saw Dr.Carin Bernard and I was very impressed with her.Being pregnant at the time she offered the best care I could have asked for,kept calling the hospital for me to arrange an appointment, constantly reassured me that will solve the problem,asked to see me in a week even if I was feeling better and I knew that me and baby will be fine and looked after.I don’t normally visit Doctors, luckily don’t have an ongoing condition but this visit was exceptional in every way,still remember and put my mind to rest knowing that we have a brilliant team of doctors at our local gp surgery and I hope it stays that way.Thank You Dr Carin Bernard”

“Dr Bernard has been extremely helpful and understanding at a very difficult time in my life. I am grateful for her assistance and I am now looking forward to a new lifestyle as she has helped me to make some very important decisions.”

“This doctor is thorough, professional and skilled . She is dedicated to offering proper assessments, taking my concerns seriously and finding out as much as she can by taking time to ask me about my health and how I am feeling. She takes my health seriously .She does just not see me as an 82 years old lady who is a bother like some other Doctors and medical people do. she is respectful and caring and gives me quality care. I think she is a great doctor. I am very happy with her and always try to see her.that is Doctor Carin Bernard. thank you.”

“Very astute at picking up possible cancer which turned out to be present. This may have saved my life. Also relayed knowledge about facilities such as The Haven and The Mulberry Centre which have proved helpful. ”

“she is the one of the best doctor I ever met ”

“This Doctor has, for me a wide range of human skills , great humanity, considerable intuition and wisdom. This doctor, seems very conversant and appraised of current medical thinking and wisdom and this is combined with a very pleasant manner and genuine ‘concern’.”

“I thought the Dr was excellent very informative and nice to my little girl ”

“Very caring and professional Her advice had a big impact on my health and lifestyle”

“Very competent and professional doctor. I had great confidence in her.”

“Dr Bernard’s knowledge and understanding was very good, I was impressed by her manner and she made me feel safe and secure with my problem. I wouldn’t hesitate to see her again or recommend any of my family or friends. I wish more GP’s were like her. It was a breathe of fresh air having met so many GP’s in the past that don’t meet her standards. I wish she worked full time at my surgery.”

“I was made well informed of how the dr would be making best recommendations for my course of treatment which made me feel extremely reassured. Completely easing any anxiety I had had, before my visit.”

“I would love to see this doctor again. I would love my daughter to be followed by Dr Bernard again as well as well as the whole family.”

“Really nice to communicate with her. She offers great advice that is relevant and not just the what has been trotted out time after time. I’m pleased to see her when I visit (even though I’m unwell).”

“Dr Carin Bernard is one of a kind when it comes to a GP. She is full of personal and professional knowledge and experience and no matter what the problem she has a wealth of knowledge and answers to offer. I wish I had met her earlier on during my time living in the local area because I find her soft, kind and understanding yet informative approach very refreshing. Thanks to her excellent advice some very personal problems I have suffered with long-term are being gradually resolved and addressed.”

“Dr Bernard’s kind and caring approach is inspiring. She gives you 100% of her time and attention for the duration of your visit. She always makes me feel valued and cared for.”

“Regarding Dr Bernard: I will use words like: polite, friendly, helpful, thoughtful and caring to describe Dr Bernard . She visits as a GP on a part-time basis. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking help or advice on any medical issue.”

“Dr Bernard is an extremely kind and patient doctor. My problem was rather personal and she was very understanding and had really helpful advice to give me which has worked. I’d been living with this problem for a long time and I wish I’d gone to see her earlier.”

“I didnt get great care, I got EXCELLENT care… Dr. Bernard listened and answered all my questions thoroughly. She was very sympathetic and offered lots of self help tips/advice.”

“Dr Bernard is really organized and listens to your issues, she makes sure that adequate treatment is processed and will follow it through via blood tests, referrals (if needed) and follow-up appointments.”

“Extremely professional and offered excellent advice coping with recovery after a recent heart operation I had had. She also somehow managed to find the time to change my dressings despite being busy (the waiting room was very busy). I would have liked a few more minutes to discuss my operation discharge notes but I felt I was taking time away from others. ”